Most of Tested Travel is organized by country and city, providing a view of the hotels, restaurants, shopping and sites in these fantastic places!
We discovered that we have a few extra reviews that had not yet found a home.  So, we launched Quick Takes.
Below are the restaurants we've sampled.  Be sure to check back often as we plan to add more reviews!

Restaurant Quick Takes

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Antonio Ferrari
Tested Travel LOVED Antonio Ferrari's restaurant in Padova (and we do not use capital letters lightly!) Maybe it was because
Beehive Inn Edinburgh
After a fantastic visit to Edinburgh Castle, we wandered down a side alley toward Grassmarket-- a shopping and restaurant center
A local legend, Big Al's Soda Fountain & Grill is a must visit on a trip to the Outer Banks.
This little hole-in-the wall is terrific and worth the trip! This place was just down the street from where we
El Charro is the quintessential, old-school Mexican restaurant.  Established in 1922, El Charro is the nation's oldest Mexican restaurant continuously
There are many, many restaurants in Seattle.  During Tested Travel's visit, we mostly ate at business meetings (rubber chicken...) and did
Any trip to Orkney will likely include a stop in Kirkwall.  The largest town and the capital of Orkney, it
Tested Travel did not eat out often on this trip to the Outer Banks.  Our vacation rental home (Gates' Getaway)
Located across the street from Hotel Meditereno, La Bar Terrazza is a sweet little spot. Perched on a cliff, La
Le St. Antoine Tested Travel had only two precious days in Trois-Rivières.  As such, we did a lot of eating
Luna Rossa is a delightful, classic restaurant in the heart of Aarhus.  Luna Rossa is a short walk from Comwell Aarhus
Located in central Tucson, this family-owned restaurant is a feast for the eyes and mouth! Specializing in seafood (mariscos), they