Tested Travel spent time eating our way across Scotland. So, we’ve had our share of fish n’ chips!  We are always a bit skeptical about this dish offered on this side of the pond.

But, on a chilly day-trip to Bainbridge Island, we found Proper Fish and were excited to give their menu a try.

The Location

Proper Fish is located a short walk from the ferry station. However, it is tucked down a side street and can be easily missed.  If it were not for a sidewalk sign that caught our attention, we would have walked on by.

The small restaurant is charming with about 20 tables and a no-nonsense, London-inspired decor.  Perfect for getting down to the business of eating!


Of course we ordered the fish n’ chips!  That was the whole point!  And, they were delicious!  The fish was clearly fresh and the batter light and flaky.  The fries were hand-made and crunchy.  We also sampled the chowder. It was hearty without being overly heavy.  All and all a great meal.

As a side note, there is a small but respectable beer menu.

Visit Proper Fish on the website.