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Imagine........ You are planning a trip.
You run into a friend who has visited that place, walked the streets, eaten in the restaurants.  You can quickly get tips on what to do and see from someone who has been there.
That is Tested Travel!
Only offering up advice on places we've been and the products we've tried.  For you and all our friends!

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Recent Reviews:

  • Castle Grande ** Bellinzona, Switzerland
  • Edinburgh Castle
    Edinburgh Castle ** Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Padua, Italy
    City Street ** Padua, Italy
  • Inside a Glacier * Zermatt, Switzerland
  • Bodie Island Light Station ** Outer Banks, North Carolina
  • Scorrybreac Restaurant * Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Montreal Harbor
  • Jelling Mound * Jelling, Denmark
  • Fountain ** Bern, Switzerland
  • Jelling Mound * Jelling, Denmark


Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.                      -Gustav Flaubert