El Charro is the quintessential, old-school Mexican restaurant.  Established in 1922, El Charro is the nation's oldest Mexican restaurant continuously operated by the same family. If you plan to eat Mexican food in Tucson, you've got to make at least one trip to El Charro!

You'll find all the usuals-- tacos, chili rellenos, tamales, and enchiladas.  And, legend has it that El Charro invented the chimichanga! They, of course, offer dishes with chicken and seafood.  But, if you are smart (and a beef eater), you will order Carne Seca (dried beef). This is a fantastic and large dish of beef dried in the Sonoran Desert sun (literally dried on racks on the roof), that is marinated and shredded and grilled with green chile, tomato & onions.

Also not to be missed are the margaritas.  The right balance of sweet and salty, these are a perfect way to wash down your dinner!

The original El Charro location is decorated Mexican style -- carved wood tables, tin lamps, lots of wall hangings, highly colored walls.  A note:  El Charro is very popular and can get really crowded.  Be sure to get there early!

There is even an El Charro in the airport!  So, if you miss your chance to visit the original location, you can grab something as you head out of town.

You can learn more about  El Charro on their website.