Tested Travel visited Orkney Islands as a day trip.  Leaving from Inverness at 7:00 am, we made it there and back by 7:30 pm. We still can't believe how much we packed into one day!

Located off the north coast of the mainland, Orkney is a grouping of 70 wind-swept islands, 20 of which are inhabited.  Orkney is home to a diverse culture, farms, lots of sheep and cows, standing stones, and prehistoric dwellings.




Top Sites: Some of our favorite places are both on the beaten and off the beaten path!


Eats: Tested Travel made a quick one-day visit to the Orkney Islands and thus did not get a chance to sample many of the mainland's restaurants.  We did, however, hit two really great spots.

Good to Knows:  These are a few tidbits that are just helpful (or fun) to know!