Located in central Tucson, this family-owned restaurant is a feast for the eyes and mouth!

Specializing in seafood (mariscos), they offer traditional Mexican fare as well as house specialties.

Tested Travel was referred to Mariscos Chihuahua to sample their famous Camarones Culichi.  This dish is tasty shrimp in a green creamy sauce.  We have no idea what is in that sauce, but it is delicious! Served with rice, side salad, and tortillas, it is like nothing we've ever eaten.  The menu also offers soups, tacos, and a variety of fish, shrimp, octopus and chicken dishes.

Now the feast for the eyes! The exterior of the building is painted with murals of the sea.  The interior walls are decorated with three-dimensional murals of sea life.  No joke! Frankly, it is fun just to study the artwork!

You can learn more about Mariscos Chihuahua on their website.