Sorrento is a charming small town overlooking the Bay of Naples.  Its sweeping cliffs provide dramatic views and incredible sunsets. Mild climate, narrow, winding streets, and a plethora of cafes and shops make it a great destination.  Given its proximity to other world-class sites, Sorrento is also a great home base.


Places to Stay: There is no shortage of hotels in Sorrento!  You can find everything from high-end, large hotels, to smaller boutique hotels conveniently located over shops and restaurants.



Eats: Eating in Italy is an experience in and of itself!  Lots of regional variation in dishes makes for a fantastic dining experience. Italians appreciate a meal.  Be sure to savor the flavor and go slow!

Sorrento has a number of great delicacies and restaurants.  Here are a few we tested:


Top Sites: Sorrento has some lovely in-town spots.  And, Sorrento makes an excellent jumping off point for day trips.


Good to Knows:  These are a few tidbits that are just helpful (or fun) to know!

Good to Knows

Getting there:  By car, train or sea there are lots of ways to get to Sorrento! Tested Travel journeyed by train from Naples.  The Circumvesuviana train runs between Naples and Sorrento approximately every half hour. It is a commuter train so expect crowded trains, especially during rush hour.  This train is pretty easy to manage as Naples is at one end and  Sorrento at the other!

Note that this is the same train that can take you from Naples to area sites including Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.