Sorrento is a charming small town overlooking the Bay of Naples.  Its sweeping cliffs provide dramatic views and incredible sunsets. Mild climate, narrow, winding streets, and a plethora of cafes and shops make it a great destination.  Given its proximity to other world-class sites, Sorrento is also a great home base.


Places to Stay: There is no shortage of hotels in Sorrento!  You can find everything from high-end, large hotels, to smaller boutique hotels conveniently located over shops and restaurants.



Eats: Eating in Italy is an experience in and of itself!  Lots of regional variation in dishes makes for a fantastic dining experience. Italians appreciate a meal.  Be sure to savor the flavor and go slow!

Sorrento has a number of great delicacies and restaurants.  Here are a few we tested:


Top Sites: Sorrento has some lovely in-town spots.  And, Sorrento makes an excellent jumping off point for day trips.


Good to Knows:  These are a few tidbits that are just helpful (or fun) to know!

Good to Knows