Padua, known locally as Padova, is home to the second oldest university in Italy, fantastic frescoed churches, and plazas and piazzas. Located just 30 minutes by train from Venice, Padua is a great home-based for visiting the areas many sites, villages, and wineries.


Places to Stay: Padua has a large selection of lodgings-- from multi-story hotels to bed and breakfasts.  Given that the city is so walkable, most of the lodgings in central Padua are conveniently located to the sites and train station.



Eats: Padova, like many Italian cities, has lots of small restaurants.  Some are tucked down little alleys and others face the grad plazas.  Regardless, you are bound to get a great meal!

Note that locals love to get a drink in the pre-dinner hours.  Many young adults can be seen drinking a "Spritz" while chatting with friends and nibbling on a cheese plate.

Here are two of our favorite places to eat:

  1. Antonio Ferrari
  2. Trattoria Zaramella


Top Sites: So many great sites!  And, Padua makes an excellent jumping off point for day trips.  In addition to strolling the lovely pedestrian-only areas, here is Tested Travel's list of must-sees:

  1. Scrovegni Chapel
  2. Botanical Garden
  3. Palazzo Bo
  4. Prato della Valle
  5. Palazzo della Ragione


Good to Knows:  These are a few tidbits that are just helpful (or fun) to know!