Trois-Rivières, the second oldest city in Quebec, is a fantastic stop on any trip to the region.

We only had two days in Trois-Rivières, but they were fun and action packed!


Top Sites: Some of my favorite places are both on the beaten and off the beaten path!

There are a surprising number of things to do in Trois-Rivières -- historic sites, several museums, old town buildings, walks along the St. Lawrence River.   There is even a professional baseball team!  In Tested Travel's short visit to Trois-Rivières, we did not have a chance to visit all the sites.  We'll be back!

Places to Stay: Tested Travel was only in Trois-Rivieres for two days.  While in town we stayed at the Delta Hotel by Mariott. 


Eats: With a short visit to Trois-Rivieres we did not get the opportunity to sample too many of the city's restaurants.  We did, to our delight, eat at Le St. Antoine!

Good to Knows:  These are a few tidbits that are just helpful (or fun) to know!

Trois-Rivieres is located in Quebec province.  French is the official language. While many hotel and restaurant staff will speak French, many will not.  Be sure to bring your dictionary!

Other than by car, there is no easy way to get to Trois-Rivieres.  But if you drive, you will likely be rewarded by a drive over Laviolette Bridge.  Running 8,881 feet (2,707 meters) over the mighty St. Lawrence River, t he bridge is a sight to behold.