Tested Travel visited Aarhus in the spring.  While chilly, it was no problem to be out and about for big portions of the day.

Aarhus is chock full of museums and cultural and historic sites.



Top Sites: Aarhus has some wonderful cultural, historical and natural sites. The ones noted here are both in-town and out-of-town.


Places to Stay: Lots of great lodging options in Aarhus!  We stayed at Comwell--the Danish hotel "chain"--and really loved it!


Eats: During Tested Travel's visit to Aarhus, we ate at Comwell Aarhus (see review under "places to stay") and at Dem Gamel by (see review under "sites"), picked up delicious sandwiches on the fly, and ate one nice dinner out at Luna Rossa. 


Side Trips: There are all kinds of places you can get to in a day from Aarhus.  Alas, our limited schedule only allowed us to get to one.  We prioritized the home of Herald Bluetooth in Jelling.


Good to Knows:  These are a few tidbits that are just helpful (or fun) to know!

Good to Knows

Getting there:  Aarhus is easily accessible via train from Copenhagen.  There is a local airport. You can also fly to Billund airport (larger than Aarhus). Buses run from Billund to Aarhus.

Getting around: Aarhus has excellent public transportation.  Easy to catch (and on time!) buses run all over town.  Trains to areas outside of town are easy to access.  Note!  Some train stations in towns outside of Aarhus are not staffed.  Make sure you have tickets in advance or exact change or the kind of credit cards that work in European kiosks.

Fortunately, most Danes speak English.  I always recommend that travelers learn at least a bit of the local langauge. But, Danish is really hard.  Give speaking Danish a go, but know you can fall back on English!


Aarhus tourism offers a multi-visit Aarhus card.  This covers museum entrances and travel on bus and light rail.  As with all these kinds of tourist cards, be sure to think through the cost of each family member getting into various sites, which sites you will visit, and how long you plan to be there to be sure it is a better deal than paying as you go.

Aarhus Card: https://www.visitaarhus.com/ln-int/denmark/see-more-pay-less/enjoy-aarhus-with-an-aarhuscard