The Mint Museum

Tested Travel is a sucker for a great museum.  If you find yourself in Charlotte, North Carolina make your way to the Mint Museum.  It was that sweet spot for museums -- not too big and a variety of great works to see.


The Mint Museum is conveniently located in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.  It is a short walk to the convention center as well as major sporting arenas.  The light rail runs nearby making accessing the Mint from outside of Charlotte really easy.  And, there are a large number of restaurants nearby.

The Collections

Mint is a contemporary art museum with everything from paintings, to sculptures, to textiles, to video productions.  The collection is constantly changing.  Tested Travel visited in late 2021. Some of Tested Travel's favorites included:

  • Foragers -- a four-story piece that dominates the museum foyer.
  • Mary Cassatt's "Baby Charles Looking Over his Mother's Shoulder (No. 3)"
  • Kehinde Wiley's "Philip the Fair"
  • Mario Petrirena's "Black Madona's Were Never Wasted on Benjamin Jones"
  • John Leslie Breck's "Millstream in Midwinter"

Photos below!

You can learn more about the Mint Museum on its website.

The Mint Museum



Baby Charles Looking Over his Mother’s Shoulder

Philip the Fair

Black Madonnas Were Never Wasted on Benjamin Jones

Millstream in Midwinter