Moesgaard Museum

Located in the suburbs of Aarhus, Moesgaard Museum is dedicated to archeology and ethnography.

Tested Travel was interested in this spot because it is home to the famous Graubelle Man.  Graubelle Man is a perfectly preserved Iron Age man found by a peat-cutter clearing a bog in 1952.  Graubelle Man is incredibly well preserved with clearly defined facial features, smooth skin, and red hair.  He appears to have met a violent demise as a giant gash is visible across his throat and his leg is broken.

The trip to Moesgaard Museum is worth it to see the Graubelle Man alone.  But, there is so much more!

The museum is full of wonderfully constructed.  The pre-history section literally helps you to walk through different time periods -- Bronze Age, Iron Age,  Vikings, and Medieval.  The incredible central staircase is an examination of human evolution from the 3.2 million-year-old Lucy, who was found in Ethiopia, to the Koelbjerg Woman, who lived in the Stone Age and is the oldest woman found in Denmark.

The Moesgaard Museum is located a short distance outside central Aarhus.  It is easily reached by bus from downtown Aarhus.

Learn more about the Moesgaard on their website: