If you've followed Tested Travel you know that we have a soft spot for Ethiopian restaurants.

Zemams in Tucson is a great, authentic, family-owned Ethiopian restaurant in the most unlikely of places -- a strip mall in Tucson, Arizona.

In operation for more than 20 years, this restaurant is not only a fantastic place for a meal but they work to help integrate new immigrants from Ethiopia and Eretria by offering work and community connections.

The food!  Yum! They have the traditional single-shared-plate with samplings of vegetable and meat dishes.  We sampled the yebeg watt (lamb), gored-gored (beef strips), yedoro alicha (chicken).  Fantastic!

Another great aspect is that they are a BYOB restaurant (at least at their Broadway location).  This is a great way to keep the dinner tab low and enjoy your own favorite beverage.

You can learn more about Zemams on their website.