Tested Travel visited Verona as a day trip from Padua.  We are so glad we did!  In addition to all the faux Romeo and Juliette sites, there is the large, impressive, historic Verona Arena.

  • Getting There: Tested Travel journeyed to Verona via train. It is an easy and quick (40 minutes) trip from Padua to Verona.  The train station is a short walk (15 minutes) to the central historic district.
  • The Arena:  In a word: Wow! Built in 30AD, the Verona Arena could hold 30,000 spectators back in the day. Most amazingly, the Arena is still in use. Movies, symphonies, pop musicians and operas can all be seen today in this historic arena. A regular visitor can view the exterior edifice, interior corridors and walk around the seats. It is an impressive structure!  Fabulous during the day. It is only more impressive at night when illuminated by exterior lights.
  • The Neighborhood: When built, the arena was on the outskirts of town. Today it is nestled right in the middle of shops, restaurants, a wide plaza, and cute narrow streets.  While a visit to the Arena might be worth the trip to Verona on its own, certainly walking around this lovely town adds to the charm!
  • Tip: The ticket to visit the Verona Arena (as well as other major sites in Verona) is only 1 euro on the 1st Sunday of the month.  That is a deal!

Read more about Verona Area on their website.