Is staying a castle worth it? Yes!

Tested Travel had the opportunity to travel across Scotland.  As part of that trip, we had to pick a variety of base-camp stops.  While Dingwall might not seem like the most likely base-camp, it should be considered for its central location and the fantastic Tulloch Castle.


Tulloch Castle likely dates to the mid 16th century, when Duncan was granted the barony of Tulloch in 1542.  Since then it has been a family home, a hospital after the evacuation at Dunkirk, a hostel, and a hotel.

Decorated in lovely Scottish Highland lodge decor, Tulloch Castle is both grand and welcoming. The Castle has 20 ensuite rooms. Tested Travel secured the family room. This large room afforded the ability to stay together but not feel too cramped.


Tulloch Castle has a lovely breakfast room.  The breakfast is varied and large — traditional Scottish fare and more continental style.  There is also a small lounge where you can get a pint and dinner.  The lounge was one of our favorite places to end a long day of roaming the Scottish Highlands.


Every respectable castle needs a ghost.  And, legend has it, Tulloch Castle is haunted! You can join an evening guided walk and talk with Tulloch Castle staff to learn more about the Castle and the ghost sighting.  The tour includes a visit to a creepy cellar/prison and fun stories about Tulloch Castle’s most notable residents.


The Castle is located on a hill overlooking Dingwall. Tested Travel loved Dingwall.  Located just 15 miles from Inverness, it is easy to get to town when needed (for a bus tour, for example).  It is s short hop to Culloden (famous battle site). It is a short drive to other highland towns (including Cromarty, which is fantastic).  And, Dingwall itself is a cute town, with a few shops and restaurants.

Learn more about Tulloch Castle on their website.