You’ve got to make it to the top to earn the views!

At 3,874 feet Jay Peak in the Green Mountains offers beautiful views of the Vermont countryside.


There is a small parking area on Highway 242.  The trail starts across from this lot.  We found it a bit hard to find, but keep looking. It is there.

The Hike:

What a lovely hike!  The hike is listed as “moderate.”  That seems about right to us.  It is a well-marked path, with some rocky and steep areas, some trees to navigate, but all and all a real hike (not a large paved path, that is).  Much of the hike is under tree cover, which provides good shade but little ability to orient to the horizon.  The hike is filled with shifts in flora and fauna and small streams.  We hiked the trail on a weekday in the summer.  Not too much foot traffic, but we did have to negotiate the narrow path with travelers going the opposite direction.

The Top:

If you make it to the top — about 6 miles — you are treated to a beautiful view and the joy of saying you “bagged the peak.”  There is a summit building with facilities and snacks.

Getting Down:

You can go back down the trail you just traveled.  Or, you can take the Jay Peak Resort tram back down.  It is a nice way to end a great hike — the Resort has facilities, restaurants, and a water park!  One thing to consider if you take the tram — it brings you to Jay Peak Resort.  You’ll need to walk back to your car (probably 1/2 hour walk) or see if you can convince someone to give you a ride.

More details about Jay Peak here.