Tested Travel loves a good farmers market.  At a local market, you can really get a feel for the heart and diversity of a city.  The Durham Farmers’ Market did not fail!

Started in 1999, the market now features more than 65 vendors and a range of food, flowers, and goods.

The Location: The Durham Farmers’ Market is located in downtown Durham – -walking distance from the convention center and the Old Durham Bulls Park (that is right, site of the movie “Bull Durham”).  The market is primarily located in an open-air covered area. Vendors also spill over onto two nearby, pedestrian-only streets.

The market is also strategically located by a small park.  Great for the kiddies!

The Vendors: Wow! A big range of seasonal veggies and fruits;  meats, eggs, and cheeses; and, flowers and plants.  Plus, you can find honey, spices, soaps, and pottery.  You can even find rare mushrooms and craft beer. The longest lines were for the fresh-baked breads and pastries.  It was worth the wait!

On a side street were food trucks with everything from pizza, to pita pockets, to smoothies and fresh lemonade.

What did Tested Travel Buy?  It was hard not to buy from every single vendor!  We left with fresh, organic lettuce and radishes, fresh bread and delicious local cheese!  And, we could not resist the handmade wooden cutting boards.  So beautiful!

If you find yourself in Durham on a Saturday or Wednesday, be sure to drop by!

Visit the website: https://durhamfarmersmarket.com/