What Tested Travel likes:


  • Comfort--In a travel shoe, comfort is everything. The Clarks Cheyn Creek is a really comfortable shoe.  The sole is cushy and shock absorbing. The top is a combination of leather and elastic straps which provides lots of give while walking.  And, from what Tested Travel can feel so far, no seams are located in places that create a rub.  Nice!
  • Versatile--One of the things we like most about this shoe is the versatility it provides.  The top of the shoe is cut at a spot that allows you to wear these shoes well with and without socks.  That versatility makes it the perfect travel shoe.  After all, when traveling you never know if the temperature is going to change making adding (or taking off) socks necessary.  This casual shoe is pretty basic (black leather) with some light detail. This makes it possible to wear with jeans, pants or skirts.   
  • Easy to Clean-- And, a travel must, the shoes are easy to clean.  There is nothing worse than shoes that get dirty from walking about town!  Tested Travel wore them around some ruins and got them seriously dusty.  A little water and wipe, and they were good as new!

These are fantastic shoes and we can't wait to wear them on our next travel adventure!

See additional detail on the Clarks website.




Tell me what you think?

What is your favorite travel shoe and why?