Tested Travel's quick trip to Locarno meant that we did not get to eat out as often as we might have liked. There are some nice spots right on the water (less desirable when we visited in winter) and a broad range of cuisines.  We chose to eat close to our hotel and focus on comfort food to satisfy our hunger after a long day -- that brought Tested Travel to the restaurant in our hotel Pizzeria dell' Angelo!

The Ambiance and Service

Hotel dell' Angelo has a main restaurant, Pizzeria.  Located on the main floor it is accessible and charming.  The main attraction is the wood-fired pizza oven.  Really fun to watch the chef make fresh pizzas.  The restaurant has a cute Grottino -- a cave like room, with traditional stone walls and ceiling.  In warm weather you can also sit outside on the patio and watch people stroll around the Piazza Grande.

The Food

The best of the menu is the pizza.  Nothing can beat fresh pizza right from the wood-fired oven!  And, they offer so many choices -- literally 4 pages of pizza choices! The restaurant also has traditional Ticinese and Italian dishes.  Everything was delicious!

You can learn more about Pizzeria dell' Angelo on their website.