Heart of Locarno

The Piazza Grande is the heart of the town and commercial and cultural activities take place here - the weekly market on Thursdays, the Moon & Stars concerts in July and the evening film projections during the Film Festival in August.  And, a fantastic ice skating rink in winter!

Movie Night!

Each August, Locarno is home to a large film festival. The Piazza Grande hosts a giant screen, one of the biggest in Europe. This open-air venue hosts nearly 8,000 movie-goers a night!  The programming on the Piazza Grande offers screenings, most of them world, international or European premieres, introduced by the director and the cast.

Christmas Market and Ice Skating

Locarno's Piazza Grande is considered the most beautiful central square in all of Switzerland. Tested Travel visited Locarno in winter.  While we missed the movies in August, we got to visit in the wonderful Christams market where we found numerous chalets, ice igloos housing bars, and a large ice skating rink.

The ice skating rink “Locarno on Ice,” as well as the Christmas Market is held from late Novemebr until early January.  As well as traditional, seasonal food offerings (raclette, minestrone soup, chocolate, vin chaud), there’s a series of chalets selling all manner of handcrafted and locally made wares.

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