Who knew communications could be such fun?

Switzerland is home to many quirky museums.  In Bern, Tested Travel visited the Museum of Communications. Thinking this would be a way to spend a few hours, we were surpirsed at how fun and engaging the Museum was.

The Museum of Communications is filled with interesting and "hands-on" exhibits that appeal to Tested Travelers of all ages.   Here you can:

  • Learn about the Swiss post,  write a letter to a friend and try out an old-fashioned typewriter.
  • Try out telephones.  Some of the younger Tested Travelers did not know what to do with the old-style rotary phones.
  • Check out early radio and TVs to see how they transformed how the news reached across countries and into homes and how this transformed our understanding of events.
  • Learn how computers evolved from room-size machines doing simple calculations to the complex machines that fit in your back pocket.

So much fun!

Read more about Museum of Communications here.