Bern is a fantastically walkable city!

There is no better way to really get a feel for a city than to walk its streets and markets.  Bern's medieval center is walkable and charming.  Some of our favorite spots on the walk through old town include:


Bern is well known for its abuldant and quirky 16th century fountains. The best known fountain is the "child eater" which features an Oger eating naked children.  That is pretty distinctive.  There are many more that mark biblical stories or the historical events and characters of Bern.  Of one our favorites is the fountain of Samson located on Kramgasse.

Clock Tower (Zytglogge)

Once a fortified city gate and now the landmark of Bern, the city clock tower was built in the 16th century and still marks  the hour in spectacular fashion.  Be sure to get there early as large crowds gather to see the multiple and elaborate moving parts. You can also tour the inside of the clock tower and learn about the clockworks of medieval times.


Yes, that is right, bears.  Bears have long been the symbol of the capital city. Legend has it that in 1191 the local Duke decided to name this new city by the Aare river after the first animal he caught.  That was a bear and the rest is history.  Bears have been kept on display since the 1500s.  Today, there are three bears making their home in central Bern in a 6000 meter park.

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