While not technically on Orkney, the dock at John O'Groats is a pretty common stop on the way to Orkney.

Located on the mainland side of the ferry route, John O'Groats is home to several quick eat spots specifically catering to ferry travelers and workers.

On our treck to Orkney, we stopped at The Cabin at John O'Groats as we waited for the ferry.  There we had the pleasure of grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading to Orkney.

The Cabin's specialties include fish and chips and burgers.  Both were delicious.  Fortunately for Tested Travel, as it was very cold, they also had delicious hot chocolate and coffee.

To be sure, it is a walk up, order at the window, and eat at the picnic tables kind of place.  But, that was perfect as we looked out on the water and imagined our journey to Orkney.

You can learn more about The Cabin at John O'Groats on their website.