Matterhorn Trail

The Matterhorn trail is a great hike that leaves right from the town of Zermatt.  Ending at the toe of the Matterhorn, this trail travels past Zmutt Village, large glacial fields, and forests.

The path leading out of Zermatt is pretty wide and can get crowded with people traveling to Zmutt Village to shop or eat lunch (be sure to get some fresh cheese!).  Along the way you will pass small barns (called mazots) with distinctive stone roofs.  Some are hundreds of years old.

You will start to gain some height and hit singletrack trails and the long climb up.  Above the tree-line, you get spectacular views of Weissborn and Matterhorn mountains.

Guidebooks rate this as an intermediate trail.

Tip: The trail starts and ends at lifts that run in the summer.  So, if you prefer, you can take the lift up and walk down!

You can see additional detail on the trail here.