Most of Tested Travel is organized by country and city, providing a view of the hotels, restaurants, shopping and sites in these fantastic places!
We discovered that we have a few extra reviews that had not yet found a home.  So, we launched Quick Takes.
Below are the places we have visited. Be sure to check back often as we plan to add more reviews!

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Botanical Garden The Botanical Garden is part of a larger "Espace pour la Vie" campus that is home to the planetarium,
Guiding travelers to safety Bodie Island Light Station sits at the end of South Nags Head and at the northern
A UNESCO Word Heritage Site A half-hour train ride outside Locarno sits the town of Bellinzona and the Castles of
If there were any creature that deserved a museum it is the Saint Bernard.   The Barryland Museum of Martigny is part history
Arthur's Peak
Take a hike! If the weather is good, Tested Travel encourages you to hike through Holyrood Park to Edinburgh's peak,
ARos Art Museum Founded by the people of Aarhus in 1859, ARos Art Museum is a world-class art experience. The
The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a world-class site and should not be missed. Located just west of Tucson, this 98-acre
If you get the chance to paddle the Alligator River, do it! A  portion of the Alligator River runs through