The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a world-class site and should not be missed.

Located just west of Tucson, this 98-acre site is a zoo, an aquarium, a botanical garden, a natural history museum and so much more!

The paved paths move you from one desert eco-system to the next -- from creepy crawling spiders and snakes to the high desert dwellers, including mountain lions and white-tailed deers.

Dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert, this is a very special place. One of the only places you can see coatis and javelinas -- rare and shy desert dwellers.  The river otter and beaver exhibit are fantastic.  You can peek into the beaver home and sometimes catch a glimpse of a mother and her babies.  The otters are fun and funny and often to interact with the visitors.  You'll be surprised to find that there is a stingray touch tank.  (Yes, down in the Gulf of Mexico, you can find stingrays!).  You must also make your way to the Prarie Dog habitat.  These creatures are so cute!  And don't forget the cacti!  Lots to see and do!

If you visit, be sure to check the daily schedule of animal feedings and professional presentations.  The staff at the Desert Museum are knowledgeable and welcome questions.

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