A church, an archeological site, and an art museum all in one.


A church, an archeological site, and an art museum all in one.

The Verona Cathedral complex is tucked away in a corner of Verona, Italy.  It could easily be missed. But, if you find yourself in Verona find your way to this gem.  You will not be disappointed.

The Baptistry

On the complex of the Duomo, is an incredible octagonal baptismal font (St. Giovanni Fonte) that was built around 1123.  Amazingly the Romanesque font was built from a single block of marble.  Wow!

The Art

In the main Duomo, the art and architecture are stunning. As with many Italian structures, the building evolved over time and after earthquakes and changes in taste were transformed.  The current building was rebuilt in the Romanesque style after the 1117 earthquake. The vaulted ceilings! The rose-colored marble pillars! The marble floor!  The paintings from floor to ceiling! So much to see (including the famous Assumption of the Virgin painting by Titian)  We particularly liked the side altars!

The Archeology

One of the coolest aspects of visiting the Duomo is the archeological site. They have constructed the walkway so you can look right onto a mosaic floor.  This is attached to and in the church of S. Elena and the Canons’ cloister.

You can learn more about the Verona Cathedral on their website.