Tucked away down a side street off of Princes Street you will find New York Steam Packet.

You might be wondering why Tested Travel sought out a steak joint while in Edinburgh.  One of our crew once worked at New York Steam Packet and getting a chance to go back and have a meal was not only a way to get some serious protein but to take a trip down memory lane!

And, we are sure glad we made the trip.  New York Steam Packet is a tiny, charming spot serving up delicious steak as well as Scottish classics (that is, haggis). The restaurant has about 10 tables and the small kitchen is in full view.  This is much like having dinner at a friend's home -- jovial, warm, and delicious.

A note, you need to go up a narrow stairway to get to the restaurant.  There is no wheelchair access.

You can learn more about New York Steam Packet on their website.