Mini golf is just silly fun.

Sometimes even on a beach vacation you need some time off the beach.  Tested Travel took a morning off and decided to take in some mini golf.  The Outer Banks, like lots of east-coast beach towns, has several mini golf sites.  We decided to give Lost Treasure a try.

You take a train to the first hole.

One of the most distinctive features of Lost Treasure is that you take a small train to the top of the course and then you play your way down.  That is pretty unique!

Crazy holes

Lost Treasure leans into the mini golf goal of creating as many crazy holes as possible.  Holes that go through walls, under bridges, and around pillars.  One of our favorites is a hole in a cave that is on a slightly raised hill.  Very hard!  The best golfer among us got an 8!  We thought that at least one in our party would get at least one hole in one.  No such luck!

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