Tested Travel loves a high-quality botanical garden (see our description of the Botanical Garden in Montreal!).  Given that the Botanical Garden in Padua is a UNESCO World Heritage site, making sure to stop here was an easy choice.  And, we are glad we did!

What makes the Botanical Garden of Padua so special is its history.  The world's first botanical garden started in 1545, it was originally founded as a way to conserve and study medicinal plants. Still in its original location, this botanic garden really has the feeling of a place of study (rather than a lush, meandering walk amongst the greenery).   There is a whole section dedicated to poisonous plants. There are trees that are several hundred years old.  The oldest plant is a palm planted in 1585 called the "Goethe palm" because the poet referred to literally this exact palm tree in his essay "Geschichte meines botanisches Studiums."

For those who just like to look at the pretty flowers, there is plenty to see -- rose bushes, iris plants, daisies, and a magnificent jasmine bush that can be smelled from yards away.

Read more about the Botanical Garden of Padua here.

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