Perched on a hill high above the city, Edinburgh Castle has a commanding view of the city and the firths in the distance.  You can see why the Scots placed a castle here!

  • A Royal Residence

Inhabited since at least the 2nd century AD, it was a royal residence until 1633.  Edinburgh Castle has been a battle site, including the Jacobite rising of 1745. In a small room at the Castle, Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to James who became King of Scotland and England.

  • Historic and Modern Day Sites

With the purchase of a ticket, you can wander the Castle grounds, visiting historic rooms and great halls, and chat with costumed characters describing their days and experiences.  There are cannons and dungeons, military prison cells,  and the national military museum.  Tested Travel recommends taking one of the guided tours.

  • Mons Meg

Of particular note is Mons Meg--the large cannon given to King James II in 1457. The six-ton siege gun could fire a 150kg gunstone for up to 2 miles. Mons Meg is huge!  The gun is named after the Belgian town where it was made.

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