Isle of Skye Highland Games

Tested Travel happened to visit the Isle of Skye during the annual Highland Games (usually played in August).

What a fantastic way to see Scottish heritage and local culture in action.

The Isle of Skye Highland Games have taken place every year since 1877 with the exception of the war years. The Games consist of field events, athletics, bagpipes and highland dancing.  There is also a Sailing Regatta, which consists of a single race for all classes of yacht.

Some of the events include:  Putting the Stone,  High Jump,  4. 56lb Over Bar, Eight-lap Race, Long Jump and Throwing the Hammer.

Many of the athletes compete in their family kilt.

Of particular note, the event was open to local competitors as well as guests!  Why not give the throwing the sone a try?

And, the athletic events were punctuated by local bagpipe bands and highland dancers.

Overall a fantastic experience!

Check out the Highland Games website to see the schedule: