Montreal has a great Chinatown district. Located in the area of De la Gauchetière Street, Montreal's Chinatown neighborhood contains many restaurants, food markets, stores, and vendor stalls. In addition, it is home to community centres and cultural activities.

There are too many restaurants in this district to name.  When walking the neighborhood, be sure to look up (as lots of restaurants are on the 2nd floor) as well as down (as even more are on the main floor or basements).

We'd encourage you to take advantage of weekend brunch/Dim Sum and early bird specials and go multiple times!

The traditional Chinese gates located at each of the four corners of the neighborhood

North Gate: Saint-Laurent and Rene Levesque

South Gate: Saint-Laurent and Viger

East Gate: Saint-Dominique and de la Gauchetiere

West Gate: Jeanne-Mance and de la Gauchetiere