Tested Travel had the opportunity to stay at the Renaissance Hotel Schaumburg (a Marriott property) while attending a conference in the adjacent convention center. While not the hotel we might have chosen for a stop in the greater Chicagoland area, it was a good, large scale hotel with all the services we needed.

  • Spaces:  With 500 rooms, suites and deluxe suites, this is a really big hotel. The hotel overall has a modern and airy feel.  The main level hosts several seating areas with couches and tables (one with a modern fireplace) and gathering points.  These seating areas varied in size and offered more secluded seating (of those who wanted to read a book), two-person, tête-à-tête tables,  and larger gathering spots (for meeting up with friends before heading out). The sleeping rooms were standard in size, clean and functional.  The standard room was not large but didn’t feel cramped. While the modern decor continues into the sleeping rooms, it is more of a “touch of modern” than full-on modern design.
  • Exercise:  The hotel has a great pool and exercise facility.  There is a good variety of exercise machines (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) as well as free weights and yoga mats.  Tested Travel made good use of this better-than-average exercise room.
  • Food:  Given the somewhat out-of-the-way location of the Renaissance Schaumburg, Tested Travel ate several meals at the hotel.  The hotel has a large, upscale steakhouse (Sam & Harry’s), a restaurant bar (Gather), and a cafe with seating (RENdezvous). We had two really good dinners at Gather.  It is a low-key spot just off the registration area.  They will also let you order off the Sam & Harry’s menu, which was great for those that wanted a more substantial meal.  The French onion soup, flatbreads, spinach and artichoke dip, and Caesar salad were particular favorites.  RENdezvous cafe was a very convenient way to get a coffee and pastry as we headed out to a meeting and various activities.  For a small cafe, they had a surprisingly large assortment of more hearty breakfast and lunch options (hot and cold sandwiches, yogurt parfait, fresh fruit, etc.)
  • Location:  On the positive side, if you are attending a meeting at the Schaumburg Convention Center, the hotel is very conveniently located (the hotel is attached to Convention Center). The hotel is also reasonably close to O’Hare International Airport (about a 30-minute drive).  The hotel is, however, a really far distance into the City of Chicago (1 hour or more drive). Closer to the hotel there are a few restaurants and shopping malls.  If pressed, you could get a meal outside the hotel or do some shopping.  These are fine options and the hotel can provide shuttle bus transportation to help you get to nearby establishments.

Visit the Renaissance Schaumburg at their website.