Ever dreamed of being a Roman gladiator?  No?  Us neither.  But the younger Tested Travelers did!

While in Rome, Tested Travel visited the Gruppo Storico Romano (Gladiator School) and let the inner Gladiator shine.

Located on Appian Way outside the old walls of Rome, Gruppo Storico Romano is part historical society, part museum, part Gladiator fan club, and part training ground.  It is a whole lot of fun!

One of the main attractions is participating in “Gladiator school.” Available to warriors of all ages, this two-hour experience reviews Gladiator dress and weapons and teaches students the battle moves that would prepare them for the Colleseum.  Space is limited at this popular attraction. You need to make a reservation in advance.

There is also a small museum on site with replica Gladiator items. Highlights include weapons and armor of the legionaries, the Praetorians and gladiators, war machines and life-size models, objects of everyday civilian life of ‘ancient Rome.  Much of the museum is “hands on” and patrons can try on the helmets and armor and operate the battering ram.

Gruppo Storico Romano has regular shows and exhibitions. be sure to check their website to see what is happening on site and across town.

Getting to Gruppo Storico Romano can be a challenge.  If you have access to a car (and don’t fear driving in Rome!), it is an easy drive.  There really isn’t a good public transportation option.  You can book a taxi to take you there and back, if needed.

You can learn more about the Gladiator School on their website.