Ouchy harbor and promenade is a fantastic spot.  Here you can do some of the best people watching in Lausanne. There are several distinct sections to Ouchy.

  • The harbor -- commercial and pleasure boats leave from here.
  • Large, shallow fountains -- little kids love to play in the fountains during the summer.  Near the fountains, you will find a few small restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating.  This is also the area where festivals or musical acts perform.
  • Chess tables -- this is where Lausanne comes to play open-air chess.  Expect chess players of all ages and abilities.  Even if you don't play, the scene is fun to watch.
  • Playground -- there is a terrific multi-age playground with a climbing structure, slides and swings
  • Promenade -- there is a long promenade that goes along the harbor.  Here on weekends, there is a great market.
  • Crossing dock -- at the far end of the promenade is the dock where boats crossing Lake Geneva depart.

Ouchy is at one end of the metro (Station Ouchy) line and is easy to get to.

Views of Ouchy Harbor