While on every tourist's "must see" list, old town Lausanne really is a must see.

The area is pretty compact and walkable.  Note, however, that this area is pretty hilly and has lots of cobblestone streets.  Make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Lausanne is set on a big hill.  The top of the hill is home to the cathedral and old town.  I would start at the cathedral and make your way down.

Places to See:

Lausanne Cathedral -- Built between 1170 and 1275, the Cathedral is a great example of medieval architecture.






Escaliers du Marché -- leading away from the Cathedral is a series of covered wooden stairs. These steps are over 400 years old and in really good shape. Walking these stairs you get the feeling of what it was like to move through Medieval Lausanne



Place du Palud Clock-- When you arrive at the Place du Palud you will see the 17th Century city hall and the cuckoo clock. I love a good cuckoo clock! This one is not only fun it tells the story of the history of the canton. The clock rings on the hour from 9am to 9pm.  Plus this area is just fun to hang out, do a little shopping, and grab a coffee or sandwich.