What Tested Travel likes:


  • Versatile-- One of the things we like most about this blazer is its versatility.  Its style falls between casual and business wear, which makes it possible to wear with jeans, slacks, skirts or dresses.  The front buttons are nicely located in the midsection, which leaves a nice space for a contrasting color shirt, a locally-purchased necklace, or a lovely scarf.
  • Pockets-- This jacket has a lot of pockets! Two large interior pockets for hiding passports and cash. Two exterior, side pockets with hidden zippers!
  • Stretchy-- The fabric has a good stretchy feeling and retains a tailored look.  The stretch gives the blazer good movement, responsive to the bends, reaches, and gestures essential to any trip.
  • Easy to Clean-- The fabric is pretty easy to clean and seems stain resistant.  While we've not tested all kinds of potential stain makers, we have been able to quickly remove food drips and dirty dog paw prints with a bit of water and a towel.





Tell me what you think?

What is your favorite travel blazer and why?